About Doctor Yog

Doctor Yog is a course of scientific structure where specific techniques will emphasize and heighten the human awareness of the body, mind and nature around us.

Being a combination of traditional Yog discipline as Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic healing, technology and scientific research, along with spiritual knowledge and Ayurveda, Doctor Yog uses alternative methods to cure mind, body and soul applying different Yogic non-invasive ways to find best results for your life.

Doctor Yog will teach you how to prevent diseases and how to heal yourself, guiding you through a protocol for an easier way to adopt the yogic practice.

Doctor Yog is a holistic health adviser which offers a service for wellbeing and healthy living.

About Doctor Yog

DOCTOR YOG firmly believes that the practice of Yog gives the opportunity to people for inhabit their bodies and their minds, awakening and improving mental and physical awareness, increasing also self-care and positive attitude.

Through its philosophy and traditional practice, Doctor Yog will give you energy, inspiring and awakening your inner powers for a healthy body and mind. It will be your body and mind wellbeing supporter and it will guide you to reach a peaceful state of good living.

Shakti Singh


Over time, observing the current understanding of the practice not fully known as a way of life, but just seen as another trendy kind of sport, Shakti wants to do something significant in order to share the real concept of Yog and its full effects.

Shakti is a very enthusiastic and devoted teacher, focused on delivering the true knowledge of Yog. Being very inspired in healing aspects of Yog, he treated many patients with different ailments, creating therapies by his own.

He is also an expert in Mantra, Pranayama healing and all Asana styles and therapies. His motive, through DOCTOR YOG platform, is to bring awareness of how people can have healthy and happy life, teaching the deeper knowledge and therapeutic aspects of Yog, he will help how to reach the pure state of wellbeing.

Beside Asana practice, the meaning of Yog is‘join, union”between MIND, BODY & SOUL.

Education Background & Professional Skills


2004-2007 Bachelor ‘s Degree of Yoga Science in Gurukula Kangri Vishwavidyalaya Yog University, the first yoga university in India and the world


2015-2018 Master’s Degree of Yoga Science in Uttarakhand Open University in India


Certificate of Yoga Teaching & Certificate of Ayurvedic Teaching from Bhayla Yog Mahavidhyalya College in India


Profound knowledge and understanding of yoga teaching methodology, including the interpretation of yoga philosophy such as the Yoga Sutra and the Vedas, yoga asana practice, various cleansing technique, pranayama and meditation

Doctor Yog Therapy Practice

Jade Buddha Temple

From September 2018, Shakti has been invited by the Jade Buddha Temple, one of the most renowned Buddhist temples in China, as a long-term guest instructor, since when he has offered a series of courses on physiotherapy for common civilized diseases of modern people, including spinal physiotherapy, cervical physiotherapy, thyroid physiotherapy, etc.

Shanghai Hudong Hospital

In 2015-2016,Shakti served as a distinguished yoga doctor in the rehabilitation center of Shanghai Hudong Hospital. His original energy physiotherapy, combining traditional Chinese and Western medical theories with yoga, has cured numerous patients with various difficult diseases.


Utilizing laughter yoga, pranayama, Yoga Mantra and other yoga practice, Shakti has organized a number of laughter yoga workshops to help cancer patients relieve pain and slow down the development of the disease, which have achieved encouraging results


Combining acupressure with pranayama and mantra, Shakti provides weekly rehabilitation treatment for the paralyzed, through which the patients regained independent ambulation from semi-paralysis.

Physician Training

Special physician training programs were held by Shakti, where doctors and physicians had the chaces to learn the clinical applications of acupressure and other yoga physiotherapy techniques.

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